Workshops and Retreats

Because we all need dedicated time to pamper ourselves and connect with our innate sacredness, we offer both in-person and virtual workshops and retreats throughout the year. Be the first to know when when new workshop and retreat dates are released – jump on our mailing list and we’ll send new events directly to your inbox.

This is where the juice resides

In the creation of a sisterhood and an integration of the tools you have learned on your journey so far. Complete immersion and you time.

There is nothing more expansive and grounding than dedicated 1:1 time with yourself – in these workshops groups of women come together with a common purpose, to strengthen their inner light and honor their sacredness.

Itching to put your new skills into practice? Working with me for a while and in need of a booster shot?  Whatever it is that is calling you to full immersion, listen to her.

Hear what she is saying and feel it. Locate it in your body – is there contraction and fear blocking you?  and if so, what is the message? and how true is it?

Is there expansion and joy when you think about it? A sense of opportunity and desire?

Which comes first?  Generally our truth is in the quietest first answer we get from ourselves and our fear and ego follow up right on its heels with louder, more insistent yammer.

So honor your truth and your readiness because sister, for this, you must be all in.

Know that when you are a Hell YES, we are here waiting to welcome you into the fold of radiant leaders unafraid to show up for themselves. Leaders designing the life they dream of on their own terms.

See you soon

Love, Corey

Love what you see?

Invested in the message and can’t wait to share it with other like minded women? Schedule me to speak at your next event, gathering, or meeting.

Speaking engagements are tailored to the group and the desires of the client – depending on the environment and the time allotted, engagements may include ground level exercises as well as concept development. And, as always, with a high dose of fun in the mix.

Connect with me and see if it’s a good mutual fit.

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Sacred Embodied Leadership releases Workshops and Retreats at various times of the year. If we don’t currently have any scheduled dates, simply add your name to the waitlist below and you’ll be the first to hear when our next event dates are released.