Personal Coaching

This is not your girlfriend’s coaching. This is not your boss’s agenda. This is partnership created between you and I to help YOU get where YOU want to be in life. Want to reconnect to what brings you joy, pleasure, happiness? Want to create magic in your life? Want that promotion? Want off the daily hamster wheel? Connection with the life you desire?

I’ve got you!

1:1 and GroupCoaching

Through 1:1 and group coaching, we work together to manifest the life you fantasize about through looking at your dreams, why they are important to you, and what’s in the way of you achieving them. 

And, even better, if you don’t know what your dreams are, this is where you come to reconnect and remember what you want, what you love, and what you desire for your future.

So that you can live your life by design, not default.

Yes, together we can do that.

My Journey

Many of us have had the experience of signing up for a program or service, thinking that we are going to get something out of it -and having that fall flat. When I was introduced to coaching. I hired an executive coach out of NYC – my budget said no but my whole body said yes, it’s worth it, this is the next step. And so I hired her. A Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with a background in the business world and a yoga teacher to boot. 

And I had the best experience.

I fell in love with coaching and how it shaped not only how I made decisions for myself, but also how I got to show up for those around me. And so I started integrating the principles I had learned from that experience into my day to day. I worked with other coaches along the way, and I began to see a difference between coaches that had gone to the extent and investment in training in an ICF accredited program, having a CPC, and those that had not.

There are so many well meaning individuals in coaching and so many different programs out there from weekend courses to extended full on enrollments in certified programs.  And they all have their benefits and pitfalls.

 When I decided to become a coach, I knew that I wanted to be able to create the safest container possible and to hold my clients the way I felt held when I worked with a certified and credentialed coach. I wanted to make sure my client expectations never fell flat. So I invested.  I put in the time to get the most in depth and thorough training possible so that I could show up for my clients with the skill, attention, and love they deserve.

 Check out how the ICF works to standardize coaching here (

I want you to know,I am all in!

I want you to know I am all in – and I get the same dedication from my clients. The clients I choose to work with are excited and ready to move forward in their life. They are women who are ready to uncover solutions and women focused on achieving their goals – whether they are personal, professional, or both.  And they are eager to do the work. 

We are partners on the path they walk, so they can find their own way, solve their own problems, and become the leader they didn’t know they could be.

Not everyone is ready, and not everyone can go there.  Understand wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be – whether you are full of fear about what you might find when you get honest with yourself or whether you are apprehensive about what it’s going to cost – it’s all valid and it’s all absolutely normal.  And the beauty is that you get to choose whether it’s right for you now, never, in 6 months, or in five years.

 Together we can create the life you covet, the life you dream of. We uncover your joy, unmask your desire, and engage you in your own success.

 The real questions are how long are you willing to wait to create the life you want and how much is getting that life worth to you?

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Initial reflection and assessment
Deep Dive
1:1 Coaching x 9 Sessions
Opening welcome package / intro packet


Initial reflection and assessment
Deep Dive
1:1 Coaching x 9 sessions
Online Course Enrollment – WSS The Journey
3 monthly tools / packages


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I limit the number of Private and Semi-private sessions I do on a weekly basis to keep the individuality and personal attention high. Due to that, and a high demand for coaching, new clients will be scheduled on a first decide, first serve basis.

Coaching Q & A

What is coaching?

Coaching is helping people get out of their own way so that they can access and achieve their goals.  It’s looking at what’s holding you back, both internally and externally, and really getting clear on where you want to go and why.  Then, it’s getting you there.

How is coaching different from consulting or therapy?

Consultants are experts in their field and their role is to give advice.

Therapists help people heal from past experiences so they can begin to move forward in their lives.

Coaches take people from where they are to where they want to be – as coaches we help people realize their goals and create the life they dream of.

How can you tell if you are hiring a skilled, professionally trained coach and someone who is the right fit for you?

Look for ICF (International Coaching Federation) Credentialling and the initials CPC (Certified Professional Coach).  Ask them questions about how they operate, what their role is in the process, and what their style of coaching is.  Ask them how they feel about challenging you, tell them how you like to be approached and what works for you – and see how they respond.  Listen to yourself and what your gut tells you. If it’s good fit you’ll feel it.

Why do the work?

It really comes down to how happy are you with your current life circumstances – if you are 100%  thrilled with where you are in life then coaching may not be for you. 

If you’ve been longing for something more – how would your life be different if you could break through that feeling of being stuck and realize the life and balance you dream of?  What would that feel like?  That feeling is your motivation.  You can achieve your dreams and you can feel how you want to feel.  You just have to put in the work.

Why invest in coaching?

It really comes down to the following questions:

  1. How truly happy are you?
  2. How sustainable is your current way of existing? 
  3. How important is it to you to make changes in your life right now?
  4. What would it be worth to you to achieve your dreams and live a life of happiness and fulfillment?
Who do I work with?

I work with women who are solutions focused, authentic, and ready to do things differently.

When I sign on to work with an someone, fit is incredibly important.  I do not take clients on who are not ready to be coached or who aren’t excited about the process.  And I only work with individuals I know I can positively impact.

There is no doubt – working together requires honesty and some vulnerability – its about getting to the root if what you want and understanding why its important to you. Then actually getting you there in a way that feels good and authentic to who you really are. 

 And since I know I’m all in in this, our success depends largely on your level on engagement and investment in the process.  So, when deciding whether to work with someone, I work with women who are ready to say “Hell Yes I want this!” and then continue to show up and do the work to create the lives they dream of.

p.s. Feminine leadership thrives in community.


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