Meet Corey Blake

For years I was a successful doctor, CEO, and team leader. I was a mom who loved my children deeply and who struggled to give my family the time and love I wished to because I was soooo depleted from all of the responsibilities I constantly held.

I was constantly moving, working, and running on empty.

...and eventually, it caught up to me.

I experienced a burnout so deep that I had real trouble connecting to the things that mattered to me in life. At that moment, I knew things had to change. I knew that the constant striving and trying to be everything for everyone, presenting the perfect persona, and denying myself what I really wanted was not serving me. All my life I had played by the book.

I realized that I was trying to live the professional life that was set up by the leaders who came before me. Leaders who were brought up in the patriarchal system were dictating not only the style of leadership that was appropriate but also the expectations I held myself to. I was succeeding in the world by aligning myself with a system that was not designed for me. A world that was designed by the patriarchal world culture to fit the ideals they believed led to success. A world women had been trying to fit themselves into for generations. Trying to prove themselves by succeeding in the same way men have, because that was the system laid out before us. Not surprisingly, women have risen to the task and shown how competent, intelligent, resourceful, and strong we really are. We have fit in by molding ourselves to the cultural norms that have been set before us. And like trying to fit our Stepsister feet into Cinderella’s shoes, we have cut off vital parts of ourselves. And in doing so, we have lost ourselves.

So I decidedto change the rules.

I found my truth, my femininity. I learned to balance both my masculine and feminine sides. I discovered what it was like to live life surrounded by joy and opportunity. To take pleasure in the every day, and how when I did so, it was so much easier to give to those I love. I relished in the strength and the power that comes from leading from the feminine, mastering the balance between the yin and the yang, leaning back and reconnecting with who I really am. I found myself.

And I began to flourish. I realized how much I enjoy deep connection with other women, how vital positive community is, and I found my true purpose. I dance. I sing. (even when people are watching) I say what I mean and I no longer accommodate bullshit. I pay attention to what brings me pleasure and I follow it. I surround myself with joy and I take myself on dates – chocolate covered strawberries, my favorite tunes, and an ocean beach?

Yes please!

And I’ve learned how prioritizing myself and recognizing my inherent beauty brings so much ease in caring for others. I actually want to spend time doing things for others because it’s fun. I show up as a leader that people actually want to follow, and I do it while aligning with what I believe in, not what was handed to me.

You wanna know what lights me up? Seeing someone step into their own radiance. Watching the transition as a woman goes from depressed to living in pleasure all in her own power. Cultivating joy and fun and watching it spread like a virus with everything it touches- that brings me joy.

In joy and pleasure,


My Vision

Is realized through holding space for women to connect to their joy, their purpose, and their pleasure.

My Mission

To show women the beauty and the strength that is possible when we embrace our authenticity and cultivate our femininity in personal and professional leadership.

My Passion

Is seeing women light up and shine in their own radiance.

Get to knowCorey

1. Things I do for fun:

  • Cliff repelling in Central America
  • Sunbathing on the Cape
  • Wrangling monitor lizards and giant macaws
  • All of the above

2. My idea of success is:

  • Making bucco dinero
  • Being 100% authentic
  • Climbing to the top of the corporate ladder
  • Having a hotter husband than my high school nemesis

3. Most likely to binge watch:

  • Gilmore girls
  • Survivor
  • The Office
  • Outlander

4. Next place on my bucket list:

  • Patagonia
  • Bali
  • Alaska
  • The Canary Islands

5. The people who know me best know I am this at heart:

  • Preppy
  • Fighty
  • Hippie-fied
  • Sleepy

6. I feel most alive when I’m wearing:

  • Heals, jeans, and a sexy top
  • Yoga pants and a T shirt
  • A ballgown
  • Scrubs

7. My drink of choice is:

  • Fresh squeezed Orange juice
  • Decaf Mexican Mocha Latte
  • Martini with a twist
  • Downeast on tap

(Because I can’t just pick one!)

8. My fave summertime activity:

Bike rides to the beach and lunch at the Taqueria

9. The activity that most lights my soul on fire:

Dancing full out!