Women to embrace their femininity in leadership…

To achieve power and pleasure by changing their relationship with themselves.

For women in leadership who crave fun, joy, and pleasure. Women who are ready to forge their own path and live authentically, connected to their truth and their passion.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and partner with someone you can trust. Feel like something is missing or like you just can’t get ahead no matter how hard you work? Together we break down the barriers holding you back and create a life of pleasure and abundance. Whether you’re tackling a leadership role in the boardroom or from home, Sacred Leadeship helps female leaders find joy and passion inside and outside of their career.

Welcome, I'm Corey

I’ve been where you’re at – running my own business, wife, mom, and professional all in one. And I know first hand what it’s like to keep pouring from an empty cup. Day. After. day. And I decided enough was enough.

I found my radiance, my pleasure, and remembered what it’s like to live my purpose. And now I share these skills with other women who are ready to live their best most radiant lives.

I teach women how to transform the way they work so that they can honor their feminine nature in leadership and lead from a place of joy and authenticity. Through shifting their relationships with themselves and embracing their feminine side not only do we maintaining their strength as leaders, we create transformative inspiring leadership.

When you Ignite the fire within, you becomemagnetised.

As women, no matter the leadership role you are in, whether in your career or your home, there is a widespread yearning for something that is missing. A feeling of rupture, of not enough.  As successful women, we have come to realize the truth – that achievement does not equal safety or acceptance – and that doing all the things we are supposed to do does not necessarily get us the happiness we are seeking.

The women I decide to work with are highly successful professionals who are seeking more …. a different way of being.  Each of them has an innate brilliance, and my role is to facilitate the expression of that.

Sacred Leadership is the right path for you if...

You feel stuck in a constant cycle of doing, repeating day after day and feeling exhausted.


You feel disconnected from passion, joy, and freedom and you're ALL IN at the idea of rekindling the fire within yourself.

You're struggling to find a balance between your career, family, and self - and you're ready for a change


Ways we can work together…


Through 1:1 and group coaching, we work together to manifest the life you fantasize about through looking at your dreams, why they are important to you, and what’s in the way of you achieving them.  


Online courses that work through your mind, body, and energy to reconnect you with your highest self and create great leadership in the process.


There is nothing more expansive and grounding than dedicated 1:1 time with yourself – in these workshops groups of women come together with a common purpose, to strengthen their inner light and honor their sacredness.

Sacred LeadershipMembership Program

At Sacred Embodied Leadership we are creating a leadership community that functions differently than the ones we are used to existing in – one where ego is dismissed and joy and passion are relished, where we lift one another up and celebrate each other – no matter the circumstance, and we honor each others darkness and light.  Where we honor them equally for the beauty they each bring to our worlds.

Our Memberhship program is coming soon, in the mean time, join our waitlist below.

Not sure if it’s the right fit for you?

It’s ok, I get it. Starting a journey of great change can be intimidating and you need to be ready.

When embarking on something life changing, you need to be all in, jumping off the hamster wheel, enthralled by the idea of creating the life you dream of, and finding your passion. And you want to make sure it’s with someone you jive with, who you feel safe with, and who you can get real with.

And, in truth, I only want to work with women who are eager and focused on finding their path. Women who are done settling.

To find out if we’re a match, click below to connect with me, so we can get to know each other and find out if we’re a good fit. No matter what, know that wherever you are in your journey, you’re in just the right place at just the right time.